Monday, May 07, 2007

the spoils of maryland sheep and wool
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kerry was even nice enough to take me to a toy store and i got myself a mustache!
there's yarn for two sweaters, one planned ( the pink tweed) one impromtu (the blue-pink mohair). the whale socks came from the same vendor as the mohair, and she lives in the same town as my parents!
i just randomly picked up the green- but it looks totaly different in natural light. i got the kids glow in the dark sheep and a book. i think thats it.
that night was hali's shower, i think it went pretty well.
and guess what she had the baby the next day on sunday!!! :) its a little boy named noah and theya re both doing well :)

on a totally different note i came home yesterday and noticed a strong smell of coconut in the air. i kept mentioning it but no one ever responded. whatever
this morning i went to get some sugar for my coffee and see a bottle of coconut flavoring tipped over, spilled and was absorbed by the bag of sugar!!!! oh nuts!!!