Wednesday, May 09, 2007

im starting to think little gremlins come in at night and throw clean clothes on the floor. they also make max's pants too short about every three weeks, and suddenly shrink pants that i've own for months becuase i know i'm not getting taller!

do you still refer to someone as 'your babysitter' when she has never babysat? [subtext: once again im taking audrey to therapy with me but at least everything is awesome, i have been sleeping like a kitten with my new pillow!]

speaking of babysitting i'm psyched to be watchinga friend's 2 year tomorrow for the afternoon. she is so cute and i think its going to be so much fun with audrey & max- part of me think i'll be in for a world of hurt!

speaking of kittens if you are brave look at these two links celeste giuliano photography and pin up girls knitting see if you can do the math!

i put $5 in to join a neighbor garage sale on the 20th. i havent done anything yet to get ready. we have quite a few old floor lamps and some framed posters that we can sell. i also told max he can look thru hhis toys and see it there's anything he''d like to sell too. i should get on it....

well i guess with the laundry, never ending gardening ( thats not a complaint until my hands hurt) and the garage sale i should stop blogging and get to work!