Thursday, May 03, 2007

here's a whole post about feet!

i just came to the conclusion i get cold feet about everything....
two weeks ago i had dinner with a girlfreind and she was bring other people i didnt know. i was ok with that until the last minute then i completely didnt want to follow thru.
we all know i didnt want to go south beach at the last minute.

now i keep thinking about the last time i went to sheep & wool. it was 2 years ago. shawn & the kids went. it was stinking hot. it was completely overwhelming. i think all i bought was one pair of needles.
but this year will be different!!! there will be friends, it should be cooler! (71) i'll have an idea of what i'm getting to. i'm not taking a husband and two little kids! i will remember not to wear open toed shoes & i will wear sunscreen!

ok foot thing number #2

i had to trim the guinea pig's toe nails yesterday! ewwww creepy!! they were so long they were curling. but the piggies were pretty good and so was i. i only saw a few drips on blood and they got some dtreats after wards. maybe i should let them play on concrete to wear dowm their nails.....

lastly here's a photo of my slowly deteriorating foot
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