Saturday, May 12, 2007

im very cranky at this particular minute in time.
ever since i babysat on thursday audrey has regressed in potty training :P (ok the 2yr old isnt here go back to using the toilet!)
shawn said audrey had to wear a skirt until she she stops having accidents (?!)
plus the kids are super rambuckus in the house, realisticly they may having trouble switching from outdoor play to indoor day. understandable but yesterday i was ready to gather every toy and put them in garabge bags for a day or two.
if i hear the same nonsense knock joke i think my brain might fall out
all day i have been trying to get to ac moore to get a pair of knitting needles. i even left the house but stopped at dunkin donuts for a coffee first. the lid wasnt on tight and spilled all over me (one day i was wearing a white shirt!) so i never made back out to the craft shop but i have been to the farmers market, the dry cleaner, jimmy john's hot dog shack, planet honda for motorcycle battery!