Tuesday, May 22, 2007

here's some quirky fears of mine but i'll leave it up to readers to decide if they are truely irrational

1)being bit by a brown recluse spider while gardening. (i'm not scared of spiders and i dont think this type of spider even lives in gardens)

2) children's magicians (some people are scared of clowns, me- kid's magicians freak me out they are always touching people)

3) invertabrates (especaily sea dwellers)

4) food (nothing is safe to eat, either it's nutrional compontents will kill you or it's been processed to the point it will kill you when i stop and think about what i'm eating it freaks me out)

5) overflowing toilets (nothing else says just back away and pretend you didnt see anything, of course that doesnt work at all)