Monday, May 21, 2007

so the garage sale was offical dubbed an "alley sale" and was advertised in the local paper. it started at 8am. at 6:40am, audrey & i went out to hang flyers. thats when i found out having a garage sale would not be what i expected. we were being trailed by men in pick up trucks asking me all sorts of questions. the point was they were out looking for collectibles and not getting my point that we (as a group) would have housewares & children's items. they sat with motors running at the opening on the alley until one neighbor chased them away all this before 7am!!
so we opened our garage door for light at 7:30 so i could put my price tags on items and that was it! we were open.
we sold my beloved trash picked oil painting of cows at pasture that didnt fit in this house. lamps that have followed us through all 7 of our abodes, an orginal nintendo. rather then selling any of my sizable kid toys they provided tons of entertainment to audrey and other kids but no one bought any!
shawn was a much better salesperson then me. it was to a point i sat outside but called him whenever i saw someone coming. also audrey sold some stuff. she kept asking people if they wanted to buy a toy robot, and then would persist 'that didnt they need a robot?' she finally sold it to a woman who bought it for her nephew. also she sold a plastic rhino to our neighbors who are very sweet and have grown children (i think we might see that rhino again). max was generally uninterested in the whole thing.
i loved how people would ask for stuff that wasnt out like i'm hiding some great antiques, or musical instruments, or colonge? who buys colonge at a yard sale? and by the way do i look like i have model train and banjo?? and why do you keep asking about the motorcycle when its clearly marked that its not for sale? ok ok thats out of my system
also one woman complimented me on my signage, like it was some pity thing since she didnt buy anything. making brownies and lemonade was a good idea too since most people who didnt purchase any items would buy some food at least.
ok im sure thats WAY more then anyone every needed to know about my garage sale!!!