Thursday, May 17, 2007

maybe im jinxing myself but things are ok now.
the sink clogged and the washers needed to be replaced. i got some things off to the post office. dishes & laundry are caught up. i'm randomly taking things to garage for the alley sale on sunday. i spoke to K. who started/oragnized the whole thing. i asked her if she was hanging posters or needed a help. she was a true leader and said "oh thats a good idea, you wanna do that? great!" ;P so guess i now have something else to do.
i have an appt tomorrow at extreme ink, i dont know... im not nervous. shawn & i would always joke that the jump from 2 to 3 tattoos was when it just didnt matter anymore. like before you knew you were walking around with a huge oni on arm, a laughing skull on the other and a huge miscellany of all sorts of pictures all over you. i was just going in for a simple nautical star, something that i've wanted for a long time. but now i'm a little worried about making the leap.
well as for maintaining what ever image i have i should at least put on a clean tee shirt since in a hour i go read to kindergartners :D