Tuesday, May 15, 2007

oh this is it! im just registering every darn telemarketing call i get!! :D

this morning i had the kids go thru and clean baby toys for the garage sale on sunday. there's no school today since its primary election day. we went to vote. i was all good and responsible- bought the paper, highlighted everyone i was planning on voting for. i forgot i cant vote in primaries because i'm registered no party affilation. i still got to vote on a school tax but :P its not fair the founding fathers thought there shouldnt be parties and i agree and i cant vote in primaries :P pooooot

ok this is weird- we have these purple irises blooming. they smell like root beer!!! craziest thing
on that subject two of my neighbors were picked to be on the neighborhood garden tour. im a little jelous. but if i was choosen to have my garden shown i'd be nervous from now until then. and everyone will still be able to see mine from mrs. r's yard. we we're joking ours was passed up b/c all the gnomes & we should protest during the walk with signs that say "give gnomes a chance!"