Saturday, February 14, 2009

i know i know i have not been blogging
i cant explain it just has not seemed important then if something was blog worthy i was too busy to put down it in words or too tired

medically im off all synthetic thyroid hormones and on my low iodine diet. next friday i'll go to the hospital for my radioactive iodine pills then spend the next three days isolated in my bedroom. i cant believe i have to do this for one more week. im already so tired. tired in a sleepy sense and in the sense that my arms and legs are heavy. its ok when i first wake up but in the afternoon it starts to build and there has been days ive slept from 5pm till the next morning. oh the diet sucks too its impossible to stick to. no dairy, no processed foods, on seasoned meats, watch for iodated breads/carbs, raw or steamed vegs ok, fruit ok. no chocolate! the no diary is really killing me surprisingly.

what else?

one night pepper got super sick over the course of a few hours and had to spend the night at the vet. the doctor isnt sure what was wrong with her but we were able to pick her up the next morning along with the rx for amoxicillin

things at the shop have been slow. few customers, fewer sales.
i was able to get coverage for 5 days so shawn & i went to cancun. it was really nice. its funny looking at myself now with a tan.
right now i feel like i could drift off to sleep but i'm at work- its 12:15 and i need to work till at least 5 then we are going to see ben folds at 8-ish