Sunday, July 06, 2008

yesterday was the iron hill twilight criterium.
we had such a great time, we saw a lot of the races, but we left at the final 10 laps of the men's race.
there was some other cool things, like a sidewalk chalk drawing contest, great food, we saw lots of neighbors & school friends.
i have photos i need to upload & post here.
but here's my AMAZING news....
along with the usual vendor stands there was a 'new' one. the hand work studio offering kid's needle arts! so i went over and spoke to the woman in charge. we really hit it off! i started out by asking if they are ever looking for instructors, she said always! she asked if we had a yarn shop, i said but i was thinking/hoping to fill the void in next 2yrs. She added she hoped to be adding classes he in WC next summer. we exchanged business cards and said we'd be in touch! so we'll see if anything comes of it!