Sunday, July 06, 2008

on the fourth we went to a party hosted by crazy aaron ofputtyworld.
years ago (feels like eons) shawn and aaron worked together, and well- i just hung out at the office.*
but enough dwelling on the past- now we each have two kids and the dot.com days are past us.
aaron has become the king of putty and ROX! he threw a kick ass fourth of july party too ;)
and for the 1st time my kids saw fireworks.
audrey was a trooper and liked the fireworks until the realized the just kept going- and going- :)
max loved the fireworks and watched them from an unfocused telescope (????)
I'm also thinking about hooking crazy aaron up with some felt patches with his logo on them!
you know- once i have some time!!!!

* it was a difficult time of adjustment moving away from my family of ten siblings & parents. i sought out company where ver i could find it.