Thursday, July 03, 2008

so my exciting puppy news!

we are #1 on the list for a female! yesterday afternoon our breeder have a litter of 3 pups, and saturday her mother is expecting a litter to be born. So between these to litters i get first pick of a female pup! :)

other exciting (?) news
last night west chester's finest trapped a killed a possibly rabid raccoon on our property. a few neighbors watched and followed said raccoon around 7pm as it made it way down one street & another through our alley and managed to trap it under a recycle bin. since we have no animal control a police office was called in a eventually whacked in on the head with a shovel. after milling around for a few minutes a few of us, myself included took a peek and assured ourselves it was dead, and yes it was not healthy. then the officer took it away in aplastic garbage bag & left my neighbor to clean up his recycle bucket.



so that was yesterday's news - today im taking a day for myself!!!
shawn and the kids are going to his parents. i started trh day off nicely with a long chat with my neighbor and playing/cuddling with her dogs. its still cool out and my shirt is already dirty so i might go put a few plants in the ground. then my plans are pretty random. return some jeans to the gap, knit, grab some coffee, maybe meet shawn for lunch...
just hang out and enjoy some peace and quiet :)