Tuesday, March 11, 2008

on sunday we went out for dinner and audrey insisted on wearing a little polar fleece hat. you can see it in the photos below. its red, and sized for 0-6 mos! so as we waited for a table i explained to her it was a little babies hat and not for a big girl like her. i said maybe she could give to one of our friends or neighbors who have a new baby (we are in the midst of a baby boom). she wasnt too sure about that. a few minutes later she saw a mother with a young baby girl and wanted to give her the hat! i wasnt sure about just offering it to a stranger, but audrey was so insistant! so i went over with her and audrey was very well spoken and said it was her old hat and she grew to big for it and would to give it to her little baby. well this mom was very tickled and said thank you and that it matched the baby's coat :) then audrey said well your baby is very cute! and that was that!
i'm still very surprised-i guess audrey is growing up!