Thursday, December 06, 2007

there's a 2 hours school delay thanks to the dusting to 1 inch of snow. totally messing with my well laid plans. i normally take max to the bus then take audrey straight to karate then i was going to get my hair cut. but now im guessing despite the 2 hour late opening i can still take audrey to karate with max along for the ride. then get him to school then get my hair cut :P
oh well mother nature!!! (shaking my fist) really if it stopped snowing in the middle of the night why arent the roads & the busses cleared?

im also knitting furiously. there's a craft show on saturday at honeybrook elem. if anyone reading wants to show :D
i noticed how much i was knitting last night, because i couldnt whisk the hot chocolate i was making for the full 2 minutes!
thats enough typing!! i better get back to the knitting and at some point take a shower!