Monday, November 26, 2007

its going to take me longer to figure out the new shortcuts on blogger then i thought.  in the meantime- 
i have a terrible crick in my neck & my back aches!!  
its back to being grey & rainy again.  it makes me so tired.  i broke out the SAD therapy light this morning.  it helped for a bit. 
i knit while audrey was at school and watched spaulding grey's "swimming to cambodia ".  it was a really interesting movie.  i can say i  know much more about cambodia then i did before. 
in 30 minutes i have to go to school to supervise max's purchases at the school book fair.  im not censoring- oh no!!  just i dont want him coming home with $20 worth of pokemon books!!! 
looks like this is the day susan is doing the final paper work on her house.  she moved her stuff out over the weekend.  i took a toybox out of  her trash and put it on my porch :) 
ok better eat some lunch before i go to school again.