Monday, November 19, 2007

maxwell has a patch of eczema on his shin that appears to be infected. i noticed while we were sitting on teh floor. the actual scab is bl;ack anf its raised and red. i put my hand on it to see if it was hot to the touch but my hand was so cold i couldnt feel anything. so shawn tried. when shawn put his fingers over it pus came out. i dont know if it was right or wrong but i drained it and called his dermatologist who got us a 10:30 appt tomorrow. im kind of freaked out but part of me knows this is probably just a routine infection.

i tried taking the baby sweater apart. when i was snipping the seams apart i cut the actual fabric that i knit togther. back to the ol' needles and yarn :P

im going out for some ice cream- who's joining me?