Thursday, November 15, 2007

im just really tired today. its raining again/still. i still have this cold. im congested & my throat hurts but i do have my voice back.
audrey has karate at 9:30 which is a good thing. then at 12:45 she & i go to max's school to listen & help kids read one-on-one.
i'd like to go back to bed. im tired & achy. :P
ok ok postives- im so close to finishing that enormous baby blanket for laurie i can taste it!!
did i share that i have tix so seeCAKE on dec 9th?? :D
but on the 2nd we go to a reception for the chester county pops? haha what a week that will be!! i need to call a sitter for that one. i should do that today
ok ok back to the dishes-
send me a hg i need one today