Monday, November 12, 2007

i spent a big part of my day updating my warm woolies shop. i have 17 items listed for sale and i need to list the bulk of my hats still.
the kids are constantly asking questions:
can i have a peice of candy?
are you going to have dessert?
did you see my book?
how do you spell 'junior'?
why is it dark?
when will sponebob be on?
why is there no school next week?
can i have a peice of candy?
how do you spell 'candy'?
do we have corn?
did you know its summer in other parts of the wolrd?
did you know cats like to scratch?
how do you spell cat?
can i have a peice of candy?
do you want a peice of candy?
does that mean i can have a peice of candy?

hmm i think tomorrow that big bucketof halloween candy is mystapearing!!!

one last plug check out my shop!!! warm woolies shop
hey even if you think its shit buy and give it as a present to someone you dont like-
ps to all my friends living in foreign lands - i'll ship to you too!!