Sunday, November 11, 2007

the show was ok.
i guess
i sold three things. i made my table money back
i also got an order for my demin scarf but a little smaller so the woman could wear it indoors.
i guess i should be happy. its just hard. harder then i would of thought watching, sitting there all day watching people poke & prodding stuff i made (with LOVE) asking all sorts of odd questions then walking away. by 1pm it was all i could do to stop myself from not tackling people who would say "nice stuff" and walk away. i wanted to pin them down and ask " then why arent you buying????"
is it my designs?
my materials?
not cold enough for ya?
just not in the market for winter wear?
hey i just would like to know....
so what i did sell was a pink & black ear flap hat to a young high school giggly girl, who said she liked mine better then abercomie & fitch's!. she brought back some freinds but they said they had enough scarves and i didnt have anymore earflap hats (just the devil ones). a soon to be grandpop bought a pink baby hat with the blessing of his younger daughter, and a doting grandmother bought her granddaughter the pink & sari silk hat.
the crafter next to me ordered the demin scarf & when i was up taking a walk laurie spoke to a woman interested in having me make a doggie sweater. so we'll see i f that pans out.
so i hope to get everything else on warmwoolies ( my etsy shop) over today & tommorrow.
so i think tomorrow i have handwritting helping. i have like 1/2 my voice if such a thing can be measured. at two we are going to the town's veteran's day parade! we did a bunch of holiday & kiddie's birthday shopping this morning. both kids have a bunch of birthday parties over the next weekend.
im taping the project runway season 3 today so i can watch it over the week- i love to watch it & knit!
shawn made 'club' we'll be going to jamica in febuary!!