Thursday, November 08, 2007

my throat is sooo sore and my glands are enormous! i hope i dont lose my voice or need to go to the doctor.
the neurolgist called in a new rx for me to take that should last longer then the imatrex.
i got a whole scarf knit and had to re-knit a baby hat that had a dropped stitch. now that bay hat is 1/2 finished.
audrey gets to stay for lunch tomorrow at school. they are having a feast- im not sure its for thanksgiving or for the letter 'F' or both. i thought it was funny one of the teachers asked me if i'd like her to stay and i said ok, but i doubt she'd eat anything. the teacher agreed and said audrey only ever eats snack if its rice krispie treats or goldfish. but we both laughed and said it would be good for her to stay and 'not eat' with everyone else. she likes turkey she just says she doesnt :P