Tuesday, October 30, 2007

you know those american express commericals with the celebreties talk about how crazy their lives are & thats why they need american express cards? i feel like im in one of those.
the other two moms who will be doing the handwriting helping- i offered to train them here at the house tomorrow-halloween- catch they are bring their kids- i think 4 in total! thats before the school parade & party. max's school parade & party, not audrey's.
one huge mess i forgot i to clean- really just pushing out of my mind- is the guinea pig cage. it needed to be cleaned last week. but it rained the whole second half of the week. now the laundry room stinks to high heaven. so i have to do it today.
before school we got mountains of laundry put away. after this i need to load the dishes.
audrey has a little freind coming over but he is pretty easy to watch.
i still need to work on my costume, audrey is adament that i be a pirate skeleton. why is it up to her?
did i mention pumpkins to carve (like 7 of them) , hauling a table from the porch, gotta finish decorating the gingerbread house, get max's hair cut, im sure im forgetting other stuff :)
omg the kids are being so wild! some kids act up before christmas- my kids are being crazy before halloween!!!
i guess i should start getting to work!!