Thursday, May 24, 2007

i'm sure im partialy having a bad day in this regard but the furniture in the kitchen and dining room are driving me crazy.
it feels like there is no room in the kitchen. im stuck wondering in a sqaure table would give me more room then the circle table i do have.
can i change a door so inside of opening in it opens out?
and the dining room....
we have a rolled up persian carpet behind the couch in the there. repeatedly the kids have walked on it like walking on a log. so this has gotten in all un rolled and pushed the couch out furthur then it should be. im taking the rug back to the in-laws this weekend. we have no where to store it or use it.
then there's the dining room table from ikea. the screws are all tight but the thing wobbles and weaves, swings and sways.
i just dont know what to do. 5 houses in almost 8 years, maybe it will be ok to get rid of some of these things and move on.
maybe a short little nap will do me good & take away my furniture rampage.

ok back to my furniture i can quickly name at least 4 peices of furniture that are where they are purely becuase thats where they landed on moving day. other stuff just doesnt fit in side this house and if i know i want to stay in the house that it will be ok to get rid of some of the superflous furniture thats too large or uneeded or just the wrong style right?

i really need to stop obbessing over this i have my first headache in over 10 days!