Friday, April 13, 2007

i dont know if i m a pessimist or a realist but im shocked everything went well last night. susan & i had babysitters, we had fun, it was a good time at the concert!
something were funny, you forget how young college students are, that they scream and go wild anytime some one on stage says F^&*! and man everyone there dresses the same. ( no offense to my sisters in college i know they are exceptions).
ben fold played new stuff i didnt know but towards the end he played older things i knew & it was a lot of fun.

this more hasnt been quite as much fun. i ran around this morning bathing the kids & getting a last few things cleaned up before mr.handyman came. turns out we dont know when he is coming :P then it was off to hair cuts. now the kids are eating lunch before school... maybe mr handyamn will show up. tonight the school is showing " happy feet" as a fundraiser for the make-a-wish foundation. oh its also max's "causal" picture day at school too!