Thursday, April 12, 2007

im feeling a little overwhelmed. its a simple things that when looked at individually are no biggy, fun sorts of things but overall get a little scarey.
im helping out with a freind's baby shower on may 5th. but we all know im not the most organized. i have worry i'll forget something and disappoint someone.
next off max's class is learning about seeds and plants this week so i offered to bring in some carrot tops that sprouted- they died while we were away. i started some new ones but they arent as impressive. and same thing with some red potatos they arent growing as fast as i thought they would. really not a bad thing right? now the kids can watch more of the growth.
another school thing-- ive impressed the teacher with my creativness. and so was put in charge of finding an activity for the summer picinic at the park. so i decided we'll make felt balls- then they tell me its for both PM classes, and the homeroom mom says " thanks for organizing! " yikes do i need to find helpers ???? really i just need supervisors, some dishpans and if some one else would be nice enough to buy some liquid dishsoap that would be nice but all these things combined along with the home repairs and stuff... it just seems like a alot :P