Thursday, April 19, 2007

all the cool, grey weather is getting the better of us. the kids have some sort of EXTREME cabin fever. i cant make myself go to bed on time or get up before 8am. all my great intentions of washing the bathroom walls are hold.
i have gotten alot of correspondences taken care of this week and i'm working on the chenille throw. the multistranded verison just did not work! so i went down to one strand on size 13's it looks ok, very comfy. i've knit almost an entire skien.
one random musing for the week:
while shawn was doing the chualking, we were talking about what do for a backsplash. there isnt one. behind the sink & counters is just a peice of drywall that is already damaged. lurking behind the drywall is the orginal brick.... so intriguing but it would be so much interesting on a bright and sunny day