Monday, August 04, 2008

here's two photos of my current knitting project

these photos dont really show the great rich colors it has, but you get an idea of its amazing texture
i'm completely in love with it!

speaking of yarn & knitting--
i cleaned up my knitting room today. usually such a thing makes me feel happier, tidier . instead i felt worse. my yarn storage is woefully inadequate. so is my finished items storage. i have one bookcase that is completely falling apart on me too.
i have a new big, real, important project that i need to start keeping organized and seeing how poorly kept everything else was made me feel worse. i wish there was a way to store this all with out spending more money.
i may be able to fix the bookcase if i take everything off of it and lay it down on the floor....
plus now with the basement turned in to a clean, dry usable space i could use some of that for storage i guess.
i have some before photos, and im not ready yet for afters...
i guess i have 'durings' :)
i'll post those tomorrow