Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm having a hard time focusing today.
at noon i have a bay shower to go to, plus along with the shower for the ladies there is a seperate party for the menfolk and childeren at a different location. so shawn and teh kids are all cleaned up and ready to go. me i forgot to the outfit i wanted to wear to the cleaners so im figuring out what to do. its linen.... and kinda crumbled looking. i might try steaming it in the bathroom but im not sure that will be enough.
for the first time im letting audrey have nail polish on her fingers & not just her toes.
i made pancakes for breakfast this morning - they were soooo good!!!
anything else?
i need to clean up the knitting room & my desk this week
i cant wait for the eagles season to start! first preseason game will be friday!!! i'm so ready for the heat & humidity of summer to be over.