Thursday, August 21, 2008

another day another step closer
i decided on a sign and a logo for my shop
i need to get some more furniture and start putting what i have together (if you are reading this and can help let me know!)
i think i got out my little shear exhaustion cry this morning that has been building up but i feel better now
each day more merchandise arrives and i feel better
i have apppointments with insurance and the bank too
my friend emily is watching the kids for me this morning while i do this errands im afraid they may have scared off one of our sitters, or she could just be on vacation in the meanwhile im telling them they scared her away with their bad behavior.
oh also audrey has decided to take a break from karate. this was under advisement from our instructor and to my dismay :( she still enjoys it but doesnt want to listen anymore. so i understand its best to stop now before she doesnt hate it. she still plays karate at home a lot. so officially she is on break, maybe for 2-3 months then we'll see what to do from there. meanwhile tomorrow max has another belt test!! :D