Monday, August 25, 2008

after days of bone crushing TMJ pain i woke up feeling great!
and i had a dream... tell me what you think!
i dreamt about a boy who would always give me a hard time in jr & high school.
just teasing and such ... but in my dream i stood up to him and eventually it got to the point i punched him once in teh face and he bleed a little and it made him cry.
i dont know- i feel like it is a good sign
through out all of this store opening i have felt so down about everything, we (shawn & i) run in to people who tell you how hard it to do retail, or your own business, even for years i poo-poo'ed to shawn and now here i am doing it. i thought my business manger did not like anything i was doing but i found through the grapevine she loves the things im doing! i guess as opening gets closer and i start to doubt my myself to great to know that i'm headed in the right direction and that i can stand up for what i believe in!
i did my first window display last night!
i forgot my camera, so i'll try to take some picture today.
today we have another trip out to northeast philly to the retail fixture store to get so garment fixtures! (FUN!)
oh the peep factory is across the street!!!