Wednesday, June 25, 2008

finding out that we were not dog sitting really put me in a bummed out state :(
but to be honest i have been doing a LOT of research. i'm now holding a list of all AKC accredited & legally run boston terrier breeders in PA. I wasnt looking for a show quailty dog, but this seems to be teh only way to avoid a puppy mill. This is after extensive searches of shelters the past few weeks.
for example chester county SPCA has 12 dogs, 9 are pit bull terriers, so just going to the local shelter to adopt is not going to work. looking at local terrier rescues many dont even have dogs that need recusing unless they are old dogs with special medical needs or need homes with no kids, which not something i am ready for.
So on my list of breeders it looks like only 2 breeders have pups right now. So i think tomorrow i'll call and just check out the situation!
I still dont want to adopt until we get back from the outer banks in mid/late july.