Sunday, July 27, 2008

i feel morose
im sure its just hormones (i really hope so)
but i just feel like doing northing and just hiding out in bed
everyone and everything is upsetting me
want o hear my funny story about what happened on the way home from the outerbanks?

so we stopped at a diner- oh not just any diner!!!!
it was the grave digger diner! thats right monster truck fans- this diner was owned by the anderson family was on their estate. along with the diner was their private residence, a museum/gift shop and what seemed to be practice grounds for their monster trucks!
so while we are eating our breakfast the 2 teen waitresses (who were super kind) start telling us that for $5 a piece we can ride in a monster truck and even go over a school bus! well dont have to tell us twice- thats just the excitment we need!
so we head out across a field and are meet by a young fellow and mr anderson himself. the young fellow takes us out in a minster truck and it was soooo much fun! yup we go over a school bus and quite a few mounds of dirt.
so we decide to head over to the gift shop museum before heading back on the road. and shawn decides to stop and put the camera in the car.
well guess what ---i no longer have the keys,
he is sure i locked them in the car some how im pretty sure they fell out of my pocket on the grave digger ride.
oddly no one gets mad, no one argues, i accept that i must of locked them i the car but we re-trace all our steps and let everyone know they are missing. shawn calls roadside assistance. its a 45 minute wait. so i take the kids to the gift shop and we buy some gravedigger stuff , then me and the kids walk around the expansive premises, we buy root beers, we color, we chat up the waitresses , shawn keeps one eye on look out and one ear to the phone.
then the tow truck comes, they seem a little baffled by the electronic locks,
then whats this...
is someone across the field where th monster truck ride are- is that someone waving us down?
huh- seems to be- ok
lets take another hike over there (seriously folks this is maybe 75 yards in 3 inch high wet grass with fussy flip flopped kids)
well LO and BE hold!!
someone found the keys!!!
they did fall out of my pocket!!!!!!