Monday, June 23, 2008

the tale of the tooth continues!! (sadly)
this morning maxwell & i had appointments to get cavities filled.
he was AMAZING as always - this is the bravest kid i have met! he had to teeth filled with out any numbing medication! they cavities were not deep and didnt come near nerves and he handled it like a trooper- i never saw him flinch!

me on the other hand~
i was back on the verge of tears a few times.
first when the told me i was there for the post & core on the root canal & that they would then fill my cavity. i just was not mental prepared for that. the dental work itself was not too painful (with novacaine) but my jaw is so flared up with TMj it kept locking and twitching and was painful and just flat out scarey.
i was told the cavity was deeper then it looked and it would "be sore a few days" as would the post core root canal too
all hell broke loose an hour later when the novacaine wore off. the pain got steadily worse. back to the vicodin :P
then around 3 i was yelling at the kids i was in so much pain. more vicodin and i slept till 7:50pm
now i feel ok-ish but i need to eat or at least drink something.

also there was a family trip to the doctor.
i started it all 3 weeks with this sinus infection. the kids each have their own distinct cough one wet, one dry. and poor shawn started feeling bad on saturday. me since i love disclosing disgusting details- im bringing up brown- yes BROWN phlegm. this is after 2 weeks of antibiotics ( clindomicin). i have never seen or heard of brown phlegm!
so know we each have our own script for zithromax. Hopefully by the end of the week everyone will be feeling better!!