Thursday, June 19, 2008

lets see if i can make this whole post non-tooth related

last night our neighbors had a happy hour for their work friends. the wife invited us since she doesnt work and then that way her kids would have some other children to play with. we had a good time. there was a few moments of tears but thats always to be expected with kids ranging from 7-5-2-1-0!

i did start my colorful fluffy kids' scarf last night but after about 6-7 inches i was ready to fall asleep : )

it's max's last day of school! audrey and i are going in too. to help out with his classroom party!
we also need to go out and get audrey some new clothes- the tiny girl has had a growth spurt!! her size 2-3T pants dont fit her any more!!!
what else is on the agenda?
i still need to tie up loose ends for our big anniversary party on saturday :)