Tuesday, June 17, 2008

so today's update:
i had my tooth root canalled yesterday. so i shouldnt be in pain. but... i - we me & teh dentist found out there was a much bigger problem. there are nerves in my hard palette that are infected too. so im on a second round of antibiotics and i feel as crummy as i did last week. i'm supposed to be taking pain meds for at least today. :(

to answer some tattoo questions. it did hurt having the tattoo done but i dont even remember it now. it gets sorta numb and you release a lot of adrenline or just space out, i was worried about the pain the next few days but its been fine. over all it feels a little sore. today its itchy & already peeling. on the 27th i'll have the color put in.

today is the accumulation of a nine month project- Mt. Veronica!! as some may remember back in august the kids helped me build a model volcano. today we'll be taking it to maxwell's class to erupt it!! last night we did a rush paint job and i added some artificial turf. plus we did a trial run with a sample explosive lava :)
i'm very excited!!! i'll be bringing my big camera :)