Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it's 1:20 am. im in a lot of pain. when i put in my night guard it hurt on the right side wear i have a cracked tooth. i'm supposed t get it filled on the 23rd. the past few nights i've been feeling it but no biggie. now its out and out close to tears in your eyes pain.
i'm pretty sure i have a sinus infection & since i've spent a lot of time in the dentist office i have a therory of whats happening
the infection crossed from my sinus to my sick tooth
i took an oxycoden leftover from my surgery early this month its done nothing to relieve the pain. i cant even get back to sleep im torn been wanting cold for my tooth or heat for my sinus to try and help the pain. golly its 1 am and i already left my dentist a message :(