Monday, June 09, 2008

so after just two *2* washings my lovely aqua hair has washed out :( i have to add its not even the washings that are making my hair dye disappear it seems to just be wearing off while i sleep!
it was supposed to semi-permnant lasting 3-6 weeks. im not sure what to do. at this point my hair has become a whole blown hobby and not just a head covering. Plus since we (hair stylist & i thought the all-over bleach job would make the blue stick this time and it didnt i'm stuck with blonde hair again right back where i was last year! which is part of the reason i went to the mohawk in the first place to patiently grow out my blonde that i had been wearing for the past few years.
so now i'm stuck..
i dont know what to do!
i may try blue one last time but with heat to help it set.
shawn likes it combed over with a side part - he says its quite pixie-ish
any tips? suggestions? what have you?