Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i just sang "i cant hear you , im not even listening, i cant hear you, i dont even care" to the kids, with my fingers in my ears. i couldnt take audrey's whining about food anymore. i promptly said no one said no one else is allowed to sing that song but me.

i also found out yesterday that just because the mini cooper fits in a parking spot doesnt make it a legitimate parking space- thats gonna cost me $20. i put put money in both meters though- geeze karma wasnt on my side. lesson learned- ive been wondering about that one.

im not ready for jamaica- the fact everyone asks me if im gonna to be able to relax is freaking me out. all i need to do is clean up the kitchen, grocery shop, and pack. and well heres the big thing i still have about 10 items on etsy that i want to re-photo and relist thats takes me a while but it doesnt HAVE to be done- more would be be nice.
oh well we'll see what i get done today.