Saturday, January 26, 2008

i have been dragging my heels for days - since thursday
anything i can do to avoid being in my house
im not sure exactly why
its sorta messy but nothing bad
but i've resorted to long play dates, hanging around the hair salon eating the candy, yesterday i spent an hour gabbing with the owner of the vintage shop and just now i spent an hour outside in 29 degree weather playing with my neighbor's dogs (she got a new schnauzer)
i am i putting off cleaning? i am i putting off writing my babysitter notes? i am i putting off my trip to jamaica?
or its just winter blues and my house is dark and blah and i just dont feel like being here
(i really think its that - my only babysitter note to write up in a menu and and deep cleaning wise i just need to dust my bedroom, mop the kitchen and bathroom floors and find out where to store the $250.00 worth of yarn i bought yesterday.)