Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i can not stay on task with anything today
i did manage to get to the grocery store and since it's in the mid to high 60's i took my coat to the dry cleaners (after 3 different spills) but thats it
if its not me distracting myself audrey needs help finding something or there's a neighbor outside who wants to visit and thats fine with the weather so great who wants to be indoors but its 3 and i still dont have my groceries away.
i had a migraine in the morning, i took my imatrex at 1 but now its given me a massive sore throat
so now im putzing doing this & that
checking my etsy site, making sure i have papers for a fellow karate mom i'm friends with, making a master for max's classroom. i need to call someone about the possiblity of mold growing on our bedroom wall. one of those days im hoping by blogging i can get it our of my head and move on....
wish me luck!!
oh see i know i couldnt stay on task for longer
but i thought it was great when our babysitter lived on our block do you think i'll be happy when she lives...
i think so-
she is looking to move into the 1st floor apartment on the other side of our twin!