Thursday, January 03, 2008

so this morning i saw an ENT- ear nose throat doctor for my tonsil stones. he recommended what i think i want. complete tonsilectomy. its scheduled for feb 19th. he says its the only way to completely stop the problem, and its obvious its a chronic problem for me (everything is super inflamed and i have my 4th stone since nov 17 even with 10 days of antibiotics). plus the younger you have it done the less painful it will be. but from what ive heard from other adults & what he said its supposed to to be horribly painful- everyone says its worse then child birth. i guess thats because you dont eat or talk with your.....
so also i have a separate appointment to have 2 skin tags by my eye removed!! this skin tags have driven me insane since i was a teenager. but just a shot, and a zap, one black eye and poof nothing but a memory!!

ok i need to get audrey out to buy a birthday gift for a party on saturday