Friday, January 11, 2008

at school i cut colored & pasted for 2 hours. it was actually pretty fun.
ugh i just had something i was going to sit down and post about but it went out of my head.
oh well
its not mold on our bedroom wall though. its just really old water damage that is showing through and we dont need to worry about it or more damage. just slap some KILLZ up there and repaint. and i picked out some colors for my vestibule. so i might also re-paint my bedroom again since last time i didnt do any of the trim. it was too overwhelming. i wanted to paint it granny smith apple green before back when we lived in MD but shawn said he didnt like that idea just based on wording.
oh thats what i was going to write!
i have a bag of apples that went moldy
and some clementines (why MUST they sell them in boxes only?)
i feel bad just throwing them away but it seems like the wrong time of year to start a new compost. maybe with teh fruit and some coffee from starbucks it could get stuff going---
starbuck will give you pounds worth of used coffee... and i guess i could always rake some neighbors leaves-we dont have any now but i know someone who does.