Thursday, December 13, 2007

i never came back to talk about the concert. i've been feeling a little MIA. kind of banged up and bruised. some people would say thats because i fell down a flight of stairs at the crafts show on saturday. true- but its more then that. my birthday didnt go well. shawn tried to have a surprise party, it al but unraveled. it also wasnt good time planning. so there was alot of back & forth drawn out discussion about that. i'm also plagued by more tonsil stones which im positive not only make my throat & ears sore but just make me feel run down. and lastly we havent seen the sun since i dont know when.
its so bad that shawn has been staying home all week. im going to try and go to a tanning salon later today :P (i hate going but ill give it a try in the name of mental health)

so the concert:
doors opened at 7pm- the venue was called the commerce bank center for the performing arts. it was a high school aduitorium. granted it was really nice.
there was always band on stage.
first a band called, agent ribbons, a two girl punk band. then a southern rock band, then some ero-pop chick, then this crazy precussion driven californian mexican influenced (can not be put in a box) band called king city. they were awesome. they actually played two sets. then cake played for about an hour plus. shawn was surprised they didnt play "the distance" but they did play so many other hits it was great!! they also gave away 4 trees including to make sure to give one away to child. they closed the show with " war pigs" which i think everyone does now a days.
so we got $10 cd for the agent ribbons CD & the King City cd, and i got a tour shirt.

i've also been busy this week. alot of time at school for handwriting then today & tomorrow reading. today i'm read to by students. tomorrow im the mystery reader. since i did it once before, i want to take it up a notch and im bringing in props for my books "very far away" by murice sendak. im also supposed to make a cover page for the class's cookie cook book.
i got most my post office things ready to be sent out yesterday- i hope to get there today. im working on a secret knitting project for shawn. but since he has been home all week its been hard to get it done.
who is watching project runway??!! kevin got robbed!! and what a shame for jack- i hope they bring him back- i be they will. did you see bravo's homepage? jack is dating dale from topchef!!!
ok enough gabbing i got up early for a reason!!!
also a new hat will be going up today on etsy look for it!! its not to late for a holiday order!! :D