Wednesday, June 13, 2007

why is the day i wake up with a headache is the day the house seems to be at it's messiest?
i didnt sleep well and ground my teeth all night long and also had to ask the kids it they would play by themselves for 30 mins while i slept. i hate doing that.
but since i have been up i put away over 9 loads of laundry that piled up since the weekend. and cleaned up clutter around the kitchen. i decided to just let the school papers pile up and go through when school is finished on friday. dishes are washing in the broken dish washer. i'm eating breakfast.
tonight i'm meeting with a freind i havent seem in 6, maybe 7 years. im a little nervous. those sorts of things always make me nervous, plus im bringing my kids. i'm hoping audrey doesnt walking in the coffee house and say "what the human!!!"
i really need some toast tongs.
i cast on and knit a few rows on audrey's new sweater .
next on the list is get the new roomba charging. we got a great deal on a basic one at lowes. i also need to write up chore lists for the kids.