Saturday, June 09, 2007

my hand is doing much better. thumb is back to normal size. last night i got to picking, while watching cartoons, got some other thorns out that were not giving me trouble but needed to come out.

the goal out today is not get a headache!
i tend to get headaches on the weekend since schedules are different. i have different expectations then everyone else (i want things to get done- everyone else wants to laze around) so far so good- lots of deep breathing and saying i'm annoyed and why
by 9am we cleaned bedrooms, ordered books for the summer, had breakfast and were out to look at dishwashers. dishwasher were a bit of a bust. between lowes and sears we havent quite found "the one" so no new dishwasher yet
i did get more yarn to finish a scarf for audrey. twice now i've found it off the needles but the needles jabbed in the middle of the scarf ;) i think someone is trying to help! i saw her today circling the yarn around one needle until the needle was all covered :) she has me working though! she wants a scarf, a sweater and has even asked my mom for a blanket!
when were at the mall to look at dishwasher i picked a silicone rolling mat to roll out cookies and pir dough- something i've wanted for over a year!! i think i'll use it tomorrow :)
along with the dishwasher i need to decide buy a new roomba for $240 and get a new warranty or just a batteryy for $70....
now to dry the the dishes and maybe weed or knit.....