Friday, July 14, 2006

im tired -
its the last day of swimming i have therapy & neru appts
the hemo said im healed- no clue why the blood results were so high the first time probably a bad test or something.
as you can see below i did manage to get a second buddy bear knit. if any other knitters are reading my blog and want to help out let me know. other the the founders i'm the only volunteer. these bears will go to kids who taken from their homes by socail services or are in hospitals. often these kids have no other comfort item and these bears will be their only buddy. you can leave me a comment or email me at boo37.mac.com and i can get you in touch with the head of the program. they also collect hats & scarves to donate to the same types of programs.
ok i need to load the dishwasher & jot down my feelings about what it would be like to be depression free