Wednesday, July 12, 2006

i havent been blogging much..
or have i? or maybe i'm just not getting comments- i was hoping that bagette duel would be viral by now
i have ALOT on my mind
i'm supposed to write a paper for my therapist on what it mean to me to be free.... ahh yeah... i think it might signifiy the end of therapy but maybe not

i have so much on my mind the kids are making me a little batty, plus audey is super whiney & really tired.

i have had personal errands ive wanted to run for abou 10 days now that i keep putting off to do family/household things, but now im supposed to get max swim goggles for his last two swim lessons :P i hope i can find some at a drugstore.

i've already started knitting the teddy bear for ian's bear buddies i have the body, 2 legs, and one arm finished.

tonight is the start of the summer season of project runway. over the weekend, NBC showed 'road to the runway' and daniel V. was a wearing a certain snappy argyle cardy- the same one i gave shawn!!!!
snappy sweater
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her bear vs my bear
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