Monday, July 10, 2006

monday morning musings:
i have 2 boston ferns, i should name them veronica & cynthia :)

in the couse of my gardening last night, ive decided to dig out a really patheic bed of day lilies, put in compost & let it rest then next spring plant a few small hydrengeas

on the 22nd my brother is getting married in new hampshire, and we are going up but i already have the itch to start packing.

the weekend afterward, im going on a knitting retreat with a few freinds from my maryland knit group. this will be the first time i'll be leaving shawn, maxwell & audrey and umm -- i can't wait.... not that things are that bad i just know i need a break from everyone and from the actual house too

like all good knitters i have several projects that get put aside that i had ever intention of picking up again here's my list of what i intend to do:
1) finish my coat , it's knit to the spilt at the sleeves (i think i'll take this to the beach house since its bulky)
2)finish max's pre-school vest i need to pick up the edges on sleevs & neckline :P
then unstarted project i intened to knit
1) irish hiking scarf for shawn - i just cast on then get distracted
2) a camoflauge sweater for max i have yarn & just found a pattern last night
lastly tuesday i meet lynn about the teddy bear project, plus i usually have a donation scarf going....