Monday, November 03, 2008

i'm posting a letter i sent our principals & teachers:

Dear Principals & Teachers,
Today when i picked up my children I asked them who they voted for. When my son, in second grade responded "Obama" my daughter in EDK* told me, "Obama kills babies". I asked her where she heard that and she replied kids at school were saying in and my son said kids at Hillsdale were saying the same.
I know what has been said can not be taken back and I have spoken to my children and reassured them neither candidate kills babies and no one ever wants to see a baby or child harmed.
I dont know what if anything can be done about this, it hurts me that is being said even on a kindergarten level and that I also had to explain what the "Planned Parenthood" is last year for the same reason (other children telling my son babies are killed there).
I would like you to be aware these things are being said.
Thank you for your time,

*extended day kindergarten