Sunday, November 04, 2007

so next saturday is the craft fair that claims to be the 'premier' craft show of our county. so that makes me slightly nervous.
1) is my stuff good enough?
2) will have enough stuff?
3) why do i see next to no advertising?
4) will i be disappointed?
5) is it wrong to let all my freinds/neighbors know?

i have knit quite a few more items plus i do need to donate one for a raffle. so lets hope it all goes well.
also im not sure about a table i asked shawn what he thought, see if i can still buy one or borrow one again- he mumbled an answer i didnt catch so i'll ask again later.
i'm hoping that laurie and shawn will split the day setting up/breaking down & just sitting with me.
hey if you're in the area its at west chester east high school 11/10 at 10am-3pm!