Thursday, May 31, 2007

im totally PO'ed. today was the chimmey was reschedule to be rebuilt. the guys didnt get here until 10 , stood around jaw boning for 30 minutes. (i never saw any bricks or anything just a truck that said air cduct cleaning and all guy were wearing slacks & polo shirts- so where were the laborers?) then came and told me they couldnt do it today and they'd reschedule for some other time!!
it took every once of strength not to cry as i told him i was on the schedule for may 10 and was called at 6:30 AM becuase of thunderstorms that blew over by 8am that day. and now i was getting pushed back again... no it better be next week.
well another 15 minutes of yapping and laughing on the sidewalk he comes back say he'll pencil me in for next thursday. summoning some sass i said " better make it ink" then went inside and called the manager complained and made sure that i wasnt paying any extra now that they have to build scaffolds and make sure it will still only take one day. im not holding my breath. but if its not finsihed by the 8th i'm cancelling my deposit check.
it all seems fishy doesnt it?
do you think i was hornswaggled?
i'm certain those guys are out playing golf somewhere